Why I chose ScubaChrissy

I have many domains

...geluk.us, geluk.ca [my husband is Canadian so why not!]

...librarianatyourservice.com [it's my business. I'm a librarian consultant.]

Hadn't really established my blog. For many years, I was experimenting with using Microsoft Sway as the platform for my blog. While I still like and recommend Sway for many uses, it can be challenging for blogging. Realized it's time to get serious about blogging and establish a schedule. ...well almost a schedule.

After review and comparing many other platforms, I came across Ghost as the platform. After receiving a lot of positive feedback on Ghost from peers on Twitter and LinkedIN, I made the plunge!

The next step was to associate a domain with my blog. Yes I will be blogging about business yet business won't be my only topic. Why? Behind the business is a person, a person that is married, has a family, has hobbies like photography, gardening, traveling and yes... scuba diving. All of these things complete the whole picture.

Read more about me. Thank you for taking the time and hope to "see" you again!